It is a general concept that the people who do not pay attention to their personal hygiene are more likely to get lice, which is somewhat true and somewhat not. A clean body and general good hygiene does not guarantee you with the fact that you would not have lice at any part of your life. There are many cases where people with great personal hygiene have been reported to have lice. This why it is now evident that anybody can have lice irrespective of the measures of cleanliness that they take. But, there are some factors which determine if you are likely to have lice or not. But do not worry, you can always and very easily get rid of head lice shampoo as it is generally regarded as the best lice treatment.

In this article we shall be discussing the reasons and causes of having lice. These causes are listed below in this article. Lice are parasites that depend on human blood and can populate the human head, body, and pubic area. Every egg is strongly connected to the base of a skin surface by a viscous material produced by the mother louse. The larvae develop in about 6 to 9 days. You can catch lice if you come into contact with lice or their eggs. Lice are unable to hop or fly. They rapidly spread through the following ways.

  • Head to head contact is perhaps the most basic method in which you can get lice from another person who happens to have lice. This is the most common in family members and children who go to school. Children who sit closely at schools or people who share the same bed in homes are the most likely to get infested by hair lice.
  • Another reason why you could have lice is that you share some of the personal items with another person who happens to have lice in their hair. These personal items include hair brush, towels, pillows and other stuff like this. Another way that this could happen is that you store your personal items in the same place where other people store theirs. This results in a quick spread of lice.