When you get the EB 5 visa then you will get the permanent residency in the USA and then you will get to have all the facilities that are available to the citizens of US and you can live there as your parent country without any problem or restriction. The main thing is that you have to hire EB5 visa consultants who will help you in achieving this goal for you as they are trained to help people in this regard. You have to hire the best eb5 lawyers when you are going to apply for this visa because they will help you in applying carefully in a way that your application will get accepted and tell you all the documents which you need to attach to the application. Here are a few things that you have to know about the application:

First thing is that you have to know that for this visa you have to provide a proof of some investment amount and it will vary according to the type of visa you are going to apply and also it will change after every few years so you need to know about the updated amount and in this situation your lawyers will help you greatly. There are two different categories in this, one is for the application of targeted employment visa and you have to pay a little less for that than the application for the non-targeted employment. You need to provide the proof that you have this amount in your hand and there is no debt on you which you have to pay with this amount otherwise you will not get any visa as your application will be rejected.

When there is a need to have the amount which is very huge then you have to show the kind of source from where you are getting the money in case you do not have any like if you are getting any loan so you have to provide that you have enough assets to pay off your loan in case your business will not get established in the host country an you have to show that you are getting loan otherwise you have to provide the proof that you have the amount an there is no liability on you to pay that back to anyone in parent country.