Although diligently cleaning your teeth and regularly attending a dental clinic will help keep your teeth and gums safe, maintaining a well-balanced diet will only have a positive impact on your oral health. Foods containing important nutrients and vitamins help support healthy bones and teeth and keep cavities at bay.

Antioxidant and vitamin-rich foods such as strawberries, broccoli and mushrooms improve immunity and give you a better chance of battling bacteria and inflammation, particularly when it comes to protecting your gums from bacterial infections. These foods contain essential minerals that protect the enamel of the teeth and deter bacteria from developing in the mouth.

Not only do crisp fruits such as apples and raw vegetables such as carrots and celery help clear the plaque from the teeth, but they also inspire fresh breath. There are nutrients in fresh cranberries that reduce the production of sugar in our mouths. This, in essence, makes it impossible for acids to form and inhibits the growth of bacteria in numbers.

There are healthy carbs that ought to be an essential part of our daily diet, such as brown rice, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables such as banana, spinach and apple. Your periodontist will, though, advise you to stop consuming starchy and processed carbohydrates such as popcorn, crackers, and white bread that allow our mouth to develop acid in the microorganisms.

This acid proceeds to form plaque that helps to break down the enamel of the tooth and raises the likelihood of cavity forming. When plaque is left untreated, tartar may harden and shape. Since tartar is firmly attached to the enamel of the teeth, only a dental hygiene practitioner may extract it.

Although certain fats raise the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and obesity, good health can also be encouraged by healthier fats. Wild salmon, cod, rice, and avocado that can have these good fats in sufficient quantities are some of the foods that you can include in your diet.

You are actively not only rinsing out bacteria and sugars as you drink water during the day, but also facilitating remineralisation. The absence of saliva will lead to a dry mouth if you do not drink the appropriate amount of water. An overabundance of bad dry mouth bacteria can further lead to bad breath.

In preserving stable gums and teeth, diet plays a crucial function. It will either worsen or avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and even bone deterioration from the foods and beverages we eat.

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