Ladders can be well defined as a piece of equipment or tool that can be used to climb up to a certain height or step down to a certain level. Generally, a ladder is made up of two parallel pieces of wood or metals that are joined together at one end. Both the parallel pieces have steps made on them which can be used to climb up or step down. Ladders are extensively used in domestic tasks and well as industrial purposes. Ladders are an extremely useful equipment and they are available at almost every household. You can visit the website for further details. You can also find a number of tarpaulin suppliers in sharjah.

What are the different types of ladders?

There are a number of different types that you can find a ladder in. Here in this article, we have provided a brief detail about them

Front step ladders

This is the most commonly used type of ladders. Front step ladders have just one piece of wood or metal as steps. The other side is used for support. This type of ladder needs to be mounted against a wall.

Twin ladders

Twin ladders are an enhanced version of front step ladders. They have both the parallel sides with steps. Twin ladders don’t need to be mounted against a wall because they are self-supported. They also allow two people to climb at once and get the job done.

Step stools

Step stools are the mini version of step ladders. They are of a limited small height. Step stools usually have two to three steps attached to them. In this way, step stools are perfect to be used in the kitchen. They are extremely light in weight so they can be easily carried around the house. Step stools are also foldable so they can be stored in a storage room as well.

Platform ladders

Platform ladders are just like twin ladders with one change. Platform ladders have a small platform at its top step. This serves as an advantage in many ways. You can easily stand on the platform while doing your job. It provides a greater safety. Also, there is usually a railing attached around the platform in order to save the person from falling.

Extensive ladders

Extensive ladders can be further extended in height if required. It has two parts, namely the base and the fly. The base is placed on the ground while the fly can be extended further as required.