How to Play Blackjack

In this section we will go over all the basics of this game in order to get you started playing it. First you will want to select your seat at the blackjack table and place your bet in the spot designated for your wager. If the game is already underway, you will be dealt in […]

Racing a Groovy ’70s Van in the Gambler 500

On this Dirt Every Day, we’re taking a ’78 monster van to the hills of Oregon for the Gambler 500. (motors rev, rock and roll plays) Woooo! – So we bought this 1978 van. It’s a Dodge Tradesman 200, and it’s four-wheel drive because we’re going to Oregon for the Gambler 500. The Gambler 500 […]

Poker Night in America. Phil vs Phil

– From Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida this is Poker Night in America. – Welcome back to Poker Night in America. I’m Chris Hanson, he’s Joe Stapleton and we’re wrappin up day two here at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. – Comin’ up on today’s show, the two Phils tango. – I gotta […]

What Happened To League of Legends? Part 2

For every Champion Rework Riot gets right, they f*ck up another. Now, this is all 100% JUST MY OPINON. And I really started to question what Riot was doing when they reworked Gangplank. Now, I’m going to preface this by saying I was the type of player who LOVED playing what most people considered sh*t […]

What Happened To League of Legends? Part 1

So it’s been over 3 years since I posted my very first video on this channel, and the hardcore fans and maybe even people who occasionally watch my videos. You might’ve scrolled down to see what my oldest video was and thought, “why the hell is this a League of Legends game with friends and […]

NFL Betting Advice from Team OddsShark

Only two weeks left in the NFL regular season and by now you probably know what kind of season you’re going to end up having when it comes to your bankroll. Back in August we met with all the players from Team OddsShark to sign them up for the Westgate Super Contest. Let’s take a […]

Winning Sports Betting Systems, Picks, Strategy

Winning sports betting picks, tips and strategies along with money management advice and a winning handicapping system are what we specialize in at I’m JV Miller. In sports betting there are eighty-one key factors that play a role in determining the outcome of a football game. We’re talking about North American football. NFL and […]