What Happened To League of Legends? Part 2

For every Champion Rework Riot gets right, they f*ck up another. Now, this is all 100% JUST MY OPINON. And I really started to question what Riot was doing when they reworked Gangplank. Now, I’m going to preface this by saying I was the type of player who LOVED playing what most people considered sh*t champions or troll picks, because I didn’t want to be just another guy who stuck to the meta. I wanted to be unique.

I played League first and foremost for fun. And found out that many of the champions people thought were sh*t, were actually incredibly fun when played well. And it made it WAY more satisfying when you kicked ass because everyone thought you were trolling. Ok, so Gangplank’s kit wasn’t perfect or all that fleshed out, but the voice!

“Yo ho hoooo and a bottle of RUM!” “They have no concept of MISERY!” They took this incredible, jolly, gung-ho pirate character and turned him into an emo!! WHY?! “The reality was that he was largely forgotten and umm he just really wasn’t played that much and like, that’s not really a good thing.” “Whaaat? Bro, what are you talking about, man?” Like, imagine if they reworked Mundo and his voice went from “Mundo Smash.” To “I am Mundo and I’ll have my revenge.” You’d be sitting there like, bro that ain’t f*cking Mundo! What the hell? So even if you think that the new voice is good, imagine yourself as someone who mained Gangplank, played 100 or more games with him, got attached to that character.

Imagine the disconnect that person now feels with what might’ve been their favorite champion – their favorite part of the game. While you personally, may not relate to the players who are upset over whichever rework it might be, just put yourself in their shoes. Imagine it was YOUR favorite champion who just completely changed and wasn’t the thing you enjoyed anymore. Keep this in mind, because it’s going to be recurring concept. “Everybody would be a little bit nervous hearing that like, a champion that they really like to play is getting like, a massive update.” “You don’t say?” “You don’t say?

?” “YOU DON’T SAY? !” They did this same thing to Maokai for reasons I can’t even imagine. Again, I played Maokai a modest amount, and when they reworked his abilities to scale better, tweaked his ultimate he was in a really good place. But now his ultimate to me, looks like Nami’s.

His voice sounds awful in comparison to what it was. “Do you want to see twisted?! Torment me no longer!” “Torment at your peril! Where men fall, saplings rise.” Like you got all the trees and bark moving and sh*t, it sounds… EVIL, EPIC! Maokai’s not the same, and I don’t play him anymore because of it.

Same thing with Galio, his rework REALLY pissed me off because his kit was totally fine. It really fit the theme of a gargoyle and his ultimate was one of the biggest game changers if you hit it right. “Ho hoooo no no noooo…” *laughter He wasn’t broken, you could counter his ultimate pretty easily with one item, and he was a lot of fun to play. He could be a powerhouse played into the right composition. And I think Riot reworked him because he wasn’t played all that much. “The reality was that he was largely forgotten and he just really wasn’t played that much and like, that’s not really a good thing.” To me, Galio was not a champ you mained.

He wasn’t someone played every game, but could be the best pocket pick against an AP heavy team. But now he’s just… eh… some kind of generic gargoyle. I haven’t bothered to play him much. Taric too had a rework and the same thing happened, they didn’t just change his kit, but changed his identity and I don’t play him anymore.

These are just examples of champions I used to play and what I’m trying to get across, is how when they change so much I lose the desire to keep playing them. And I lose more and more desire to play League. And then they did a slight rework to Cho’Gath, so they took an already powerful, good, great kit and made it broken for some reason. Allowing his ultimate HP bonus to stack indefinitely and he loses nothing upon death.

“But why?” Why is that a thing? I thought the whole point of Cho’Gath was the risk/reward of getting stacks but being afraid to lose them. You gain size and HP but if you’re killed, you lose half of what you had. There’s risk to it! Now you see a Cho get +2000 extra HP from his ultimate 30min in and you’re just like… “Well that’s kind of ridiculous!” Then his ult scales with HP so you got gargoyles stoneplate and his ultimate is true damage.

Like, 1800 True damage with one click?? Yeah cuz that’s balanced. And this is what I’m saying, they introduce broken, new mechanics and then don’t fix them until later and that’s a recurring pattern.

You could get Locket of the Iron Solari, you’d hit 5k HP, doubled with Gargoyles Stoneplate and your team has a 3k HP shield. See, I actually like Cho’gath, but I won’t play him anymore because I legit don’t feel like I’m good when I can walk up to someone and kill them when they’re at full HP with one click. In my opinion, it’s not fun to do well in League of Legends with something that is unfair and broken, I don’t enjoy that. Then you’ve got champions like Ryze who Riot just cannot seem to get right. His initial set of spells was pretty brain-dead, but how the hell do you rework a champion and give him the ability to permanently root enemies. “What the f*ck was that?” How do you f*ck that up?

How do you go through testing and not realize you’ve created something completely broken?? Ryze has been reworked so many times and I can’t imagine how Ryze mains must feel about him. The issue with some of the champion reworks I listed is that Riot will sometimes completely change the identity and feel of a character people have been playing for YEARS.

And it can be heart-breaking because people love this game and these champions and these characters so much! So moments like these, *Fun Gameplay Noises that I’m to lazy to transcribe Or memories such as these, *More Fun Gameplay Noises that I’m to lazy to transcribe Are just that, memories… Because I can never play these champions the way I used to ever again. That part of the game is forever lost.

And then they had finally reworked Urgot. My baby, my homie, dude! My go-to! And even though what they did to him was fantastic and he needed it, not gonna lie; this killed some of my drive to keep playing the game. Because the Urgot I knew was gone and would never return. And I was left with only my old clips and games to remind me of what I once had… All these reworks lead to a main problem with League, it’s become streamlined.

If I’m not mistaken I believe there’s an old quote on a forum somewhere from a Riot employee when talking about changes and the meta. If this sounds familiar just let me know cuz I’ve only heard about it but haven’t seen it. But basically, it was how Riot never intended to force a meta because they wanted players to figure out what worked on their own.

You know, players would realize that tanky, sustain-type champions worked well in the top lane. AP Mages were good in mid. Mobile damage dealers with some Crowd Control were great for the jungle.

And ranged AD champions were most effective in bot lane with someone to support them. This ideology, led to some really creative strategies and setups. Some were viable, others weren’t. For many years, you could play what was highly considered unviable and still have success. I did that and got to Diamond, alright? It can be done!

But this has changed tremendously in recent years especially after Riot’s biggest change to the runes and masteries. I never saw anything wrong with this system, and while the new one is still good. It feels so streamlined. As if Riot themselves have been trying to eliminate unusual strategies and picks. The issues of the new rune system arise because EVERY champion now needs to have some sort of interaction or synergy with the runes, and it’s inevitable that certain champions will benefit off the runes better than others. The stats from the old runes were just a way for players to cover up their weaknesses or play to their strengths.

While the masteries added more strategic elements. You had near-complete freedom in what you optimized in. My point is, the old system had way more options, it wasn’t that complicated. It was modular and could breathe life into otherwise unviable picks and strategies. If you want an example of how League is becoming streamlined, with certain champions more or less forced into particular roles, I can think of no better example than Alistar.

“You can’t milk those!” Again, one of my favorites. Most people would play him as a support and he works well in that role. However, in the early seasons it was entirely possible to jungle with him.

Hell, I used to play Alistar top in platinum & diamond ranked games. It wasn’t meta, it wasn’t exactly viable, but it had it’s perks, and with the right runes and masteries you could make it work. Unfortunately, Alistar top & jungle is basically never seen anymore. I still play him top but his reworks and the changes to the runes have pretty much exclusively forced him into the support role.

You can see this streamlining in how newer champions and reworks are handled. Taric too is exclusively a support now because the usefulness of his abilities is largely dependent on having other allies near you. You used to be able to play just about anything in any lane, and Taric top was something I legit used to play. But bringing him top lane nowadays is just a death wish, he can’t be played well up there.

The problem is Riot streamlines the game in ways that make it more boring, and over complicates it in ways that are just confusing. For example at some point they changed armor penetration to lethality, and I don’t even know what the difference is. Armor penetration is simple, you pierce through that amount of armor.

But when they changed it to lethality, it still says armor penetration in parenthesis?? Like, whats the point? Just have it say armor penetration! Now let’s just take a look at how passives have changed in newer champions. Alright, we got Kled here.

This-this is a page! And then you look at a champion like Jayce: gain bonus movespeed when you press R. Ok… I know what that passive does in just 2 seconds. And now I’m looking at Ekko’s page and apparently his W has a passive that makes him deal bonus damage based on missing health.

See, I didn’t even know that… HE’S BEEN OUT FOR 2 YEARS! Yeah, you could say that’s my fault for not paying attention but GOD DAMN! There’s so many unnecessary mechanics, passives, and all this sh*t in some of the newer champions that makes it incredibly difficult to memorize. Riot’s early champion designs were simplistic, easy to understand even if you didn’t play them, but always hard to master.