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But I don’t have to tell you about all that just look at it Five years after a devastating climatic disaster. The world we once knew penta The Ocean Surface has risen the mainland are massively overpopulated the natural resources ever enjoy Now the world black natural deposits Lie 3,000 feet below the ocean’s surface governmental Forces private armies and corporations are fighting for those last raw material and Underwater Resource war has broken out the future of mankind lies in the depths of the Ocean Well C’mon old commander It has come to my attention you are really ripping through the ranks but as one of the best graduates of the academy I must say I am not surprised as You may know the situation is critical The waters in our area of operation have become more and more hostile over the years I don’t blame the poor souls seeking for fortune.

They have no other place to be But they aggressively interfere with our operations While open conflict is not our preferred option We always have to be prepared for possible attacks The mission I am transferring to you is crucial for our survival here on the ark assemble a task force for this operation submerge into the depths of the ocean and harvest the last resources before others do But be warned and the depths of the ocean there’s been more valuable resource your oxygen You and your team’s life depends on it So keep an eye on your oxygen gauge at all times if you run low extract oxygen from the Vicious sea creatures Or steal it from out competitors Don’t hold back At the Merciless world out there, and they won’t hesitate to do the same Once you and your squad of collected raw materials in the sector’s return to your designated operation base to repair your men’s ships and call for reinforcements, you will need every pilot you can get and Don’t underestimate the hazards of the ocean commander while other corporations and contractors are trying to interfere with our Operation the depths are hosting dangers unlike anything you have ever seen before The men under your command are your hands your ears and your eyes in the field on

Their own their vessels are weak and vulnerable But as a team and with you acting as their brain they make a very powerful squad Every pilot is a specialist with unique abilities. They bring their personal strengths and Weaknesses, but only abused rides and combined with each other they can turn the tide of every battle Know their limits play them right, and you’ll have a powerful force at your disposal So what are you waiting for we’re counting on you commander? Can you stand the pressure? The first time I started watching this trailer I was thinking, do we really need a remastered version of a 20 year old game? It’s been completely remastered. It’s been rendered in 4k They’ve completely upgraded all of the art assets, a completely new narration throughout New sound effects, it’s got single and multiplayer modes.