Real Time Strategy Games

Welcome to a look at the Top 10 RTS Real Time Strategy games coming up in 2017 and 2018 If you like your blood spatters up close and personal then you’ll definitely want to check out this first game at number 10 Ancestors Ancestors is a large scale squad based RTS. Set in the dark ages you can choose from four available nations Vikings Anglo-Saxons Germans and Slavs and if you’re wondering where the half-naked Berserkers are or why there isn’t a horned helmet in sight? It’s because Ancestors is going for a high degree of historical accuracy Which is reflected in not just the look of the troops in the environment But also in the single-player campaign which features actual events from medieval history Now if you’re anything like me you wont’ set a lot of store in cinematic trailers Yeah, they’re great to watch and they look beautiful and it`s easy to win there:

But we want to see what the actual game looks like But judging by the in-game screenshots that have been released so far which we’ll take a look at later this cinematic trailer might not actually be too far off the mark One of the big selling points of the game is the cinematic battle camera which the developers claim allows you to experience medieval bloodshed like never before and if this trailer is anything to go by They’re not kidding It’s bloody, it’s Brutal and I think it’s totally awesome. Okay, that’s going to leave a mark! The developers claim that the game has a strong emphasis on tactical actions both in the single-player mode and also in multiplayer mode You’ll have to carefully manage your resources and have a good grasp of the large-scale strategy and the small-scale tactics if you’re going to be successful And while this guy gasps his the last breath, let’s take a look at those in-game screenshots that I promised you castle sieges, viking longboats, it looks gorgeous These are all available in 360 degrees on the developers website

I would really suggest you go and take a look and I think this game’s worth adding to your watchlist We still need to know and see a lot more about the game But it’s definitely one to watch At number 9, it’s the fourth installment in the ever-popular Sudden Strike series Sudden Strike 4 boasts three extensive campaigns which are set amongst the battlefields of World War two and you can command the British, American, German or Soviet Troops You have over 100 different units to choose from Great units like the the German Heinkel bomber The Russian T-34 tank, the British Hawker Typhoon, which is one of my favorites and the infamous German Tiger Tank there’s also an optional pause and play function and this installment seems to generally encourage a more considered and thoughtful play style and this time around it’s got bigger Battlefields more units better graphics and something completely new to the series legendary commanders