NFL Betting Advice from Team OddsShark

Only two weeks left in the NFL regular season and by now you probably know what kind of season you’re going to end up having when it comes to your bankroll. Back in August we met with all the players from Team OddsShark to sign them up for the Westgate Super Contest. Let’s take a look back to see who had winning strategies then and see how they made out this season. Hey I’m Jonny OddsShark here at the annual OddsShark Super Contest party. I’m here with one of our good friends Clay Travis from Fox Sports. Clay good to have you with us.

Always fun to be in Vegas spending a little bit of money gambling and making a little money hopefully, we’ll see how it goes. Good stuff. So do you have any strategy coming in to the super contest this year? Well to do better than last year, number one.

I think I ended up almost exactly 50/50 so I could have just flipped the coin every single week. Early on I think I’m gonna bet on my Tennessee Titans because I think they’re undervalued, numbers are low, Marcus Mariota is gonna be fantastic. I really think Derrick Henry at wide receiver, at running back is gonna be great.

And they got a new wide receiver this kid, Tajae Sharpe fifth-round pick. I think the Titans are gonna be a little bit better than people expect, eight or nine win caliber team so I’m gonna ride them. Nobody pays attention to the Titans. Most people don’t even realize they’re NFL team so I think I get a little bit of advantage there. So what’s your strategy for going into the Super Contest this year?

Well you know last year, so this is year three of the super contest for me. Year one I just kind of made my pics and just kind of, i sort of more about a gut feeling. Last year I started to add some podcasts I started to kind of really search out information, find those experts see what people are saying and you know they weren’t making my choice for me but they’re giving me a little insight like I should be considering this all just considering that. Do you have any strategies coming into super contest this year? No not really to be completely honest I guess my biggest thing is like I said the website is go with my gut and then go the opposite of that because it’s probably gonna be wrong so I’ve been wrong a lot of times.

So do you have a strategy coming into this year? No, just always when I go into picking games iIm looking at matchup O’m looking at health. I’m looking at talent and you know trends and understanding football and knowing you know three games four games in a row streaks all those sorts of things and just doing the best I can. So do you have any strategy coming this year? I really don’t it’s a week-to-week thing you know the way the NFL unfolds every year there’s no surefire way to do it.

You’ve gotta treat each game separately and you really need the bounces to go your way and you have to get lucky of course and you just hope for the best. What’s your strategy coming into the super contest? My strategy is to wake up on Thursday morning and realize that I need to get my picks in as soon as possible. Identify any west coast teams having an early kick-off on the East Coast pick against them and then I half-ass my way through it like I do every year. Good stuff sounds like you thought this one through. Do you have you strategist set this year for the super contest?

You know my strategy is to not embarrass myself. Is that a strategy? I’m not sure, but I this year I think there’s a lot of parody obviously with the no team is that bad. I really even think the worst teams in the NFL are okay. I’m gonna go underdog heavy take those points and I really just hope not to finish last among Team OddsShark.

So there you have it Frank Schwab is in second place while last year’s winner Dave Fucillo slid all the way down to the last place. Just goes to show you how tough it is to bet on the NFL.