People start planning birthdays before months because if you don’t plan in advance you get stressful at the end. There are many steps that should be considered while planning a birthday. Now people organize the birthday parties on a huge platform, hundreds of people are invited to celebrate the birthday. .Even the birthdays have different themes like someone would go for a baby shark theme, some people would like to have cars theme and many other so the cakes are designed and the decoration is done according to the number of people invited in the birthday party and according to the theme of the party. Following are the steps that should be considered to plan a party

Make a budget

Before planning a party you should make a budget and then plan the party according to your budget. You can manage your budget by making the decorative item done at home or I think it’s a good idea to invest a great amount of money at cake because cake is the main attraction of the birthday party.


You should decide the theme according to the person’s interest. Someone would like to have a fancy theme; someone would like to have a casual theme. The décor and the cake are made according to theme. The invitation cards too are printed according to the theme of the party. All the arrangements are done keep the ideas in minds. For baby showers, you can also order a baby shower cake in Dubai.


The date must be announced before a month so people can make their schedule according to the date and it must be a good idea to arrange a party on a weekend so they can easily make their way to the party.

Venue and guest list

The venue should be arranged according to the number of people invited in the event and if it’s arranged in the day timings, one can consider an open area for the party.


A buffet should be arranged in the party so people can feed themselves on their own.

Cake and Décor

You can get the cake done according to the theme from the cake designers and you may hire party planners to make the arrangement of the party.

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