According to the best exhibition stand contractor in Abu Dhabi, getting more customers on your display stand has become a kind of science that different marketers and advertisers use. People use all sorts of tactics to get more visitors. There are companies who give all sorts of give-away(s), there are companies who give discount coupons on arrival and then there are companies who use the oldest way, hiring bold and beautiful women to attract more visitors. The amazing part is that all of them still work. But there are very little people who pay attention to display stands. What they don’t see is the more impressive exhibition stand they will purchase, the more visitors they will get.

The best kiosk manufacturers in Dubai say that there is one aspect that very little companies pay attention to and that is deciding the location of the display stand. You can say that it also gives a lot of effect to how many visitors can actually see your display stand. If you are new at this thing then we are here to guide you about how to choose the best location for your display stand at any business expo. The first thing that you need to know that the entrance is not a good place at all. Because as any person would come, he or she will enter and see straight and your display stand may be visited by people when they are leaving.

But make sure to get a location that is near to the entrance. As a person enters, they see straight and then they look around and that they do after skipping the first or second display stand near the entrance. This means getting the third or fourth place will be perfect. If this place is booked then there is another place and that is getting the spot near the competitor. Ask the exhibition organizer about where your competitors will be getting the spot and book the spot right next to it.

The next thing that you can do is get a place near the eateries. What people do is eat and visit the nearest display stand. You can offer them a free coffee as well. The next thing you can do is become the center of attention meaning to say to get a spot that is right in the middle of the expo center.