Mystery shoppers visit establishments like hotels, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals and many more, pretending to be customers. All sort of businesses from an auto dealer to a fast food restaurant hire mystery shoppers today. These shoppers perform assigned transactions for the purpose of consumer research. They observe matters like employee responsiveness, customer service, product quality, and business cleanliness to write a report describing the experience in detail. Find more information on mystery shopping here.

Businesses utilize these reports to identify weaknesses in order to improve them. They can also be used to track down strengths and build on them.

The general pay of a mystery shopper ranges between $10 to $40 per shop. Moreover, they are reimbursed for assigned purchases that they make. You might have also heard about a “free mystery shopper” who does not get paid in money rather gain some benefits from the client. For example, if the assignment is to visit a restaurant, the shopper may only receive a free meal.

If you wish to become a mystery shopper, you should be a good communicator having the ability to interact with employees of the businesses you are shopping. Shoppers must also be proficient at written communication, as they must accurately convey the transaction. Being observant and detail-oriented is a must trait and as the requirement in each home today a mystery shopper should be fairly computer and Internet savvy.

If you are considering becoming a mystery shopper, there is an array of information available on the internet. Hundreds of websites offer to sell you kits or provide access to databases.

Remember to stay away from scams and never pay a fee or something to a company against the list of mystery shopper jobs on the website. There is plenty of free mystery shopper information available online. Many websites offer a searchable database of job listings and companies who hire mystery shoppers. You may also find information about training and certification for mystery shoppers on the websites. Valid and reliable hiring companies will also offer free mystery shopper information through articles and blog on their websites.

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