Hoarding boards or commonly known as billboards are available in an array of shapes and sizes. Over the years, these boards have extremely evolved; from a painter being hired to paint an ad on, to the time when this very board has been changed into different sizes that any business can choose from to suit their present day demands.

A trending advertising means these days is vehicle branding in Dubai.

In hoarding boards, size matters a lot because it determines how much information will be posted on it to draw mass attention. Larger boards can be expensive, but they happen to make full use of their size.

Hoarding boards will never run out of fashion as they are the favorite advertising mediums for all kind of businesses. Even in this era of online marketing, this outdoor marketing method has still got its own place.

Hoarding board are designed in different sizes and constructed over different types of structures. Take a look at some of the main types of unique hoarding structures:

• Monopole – It consists of a single steel pole with a board hung on the top. It is an expensive hoarding option, but probably the best to reap ROI. Monopoles are usually seen on highways.

• Steel I Beam – The construction option of these hoarding boards are very standard with the base around 12’x24′. It holds an average record in terms of resale or marketing.

• Steel Multi-pole – It is a cheaper substitute to the monopole hoarding, an option for those who want to catch the attention of passersby economically.

• Wooden Multi-pole – It is the oldest way to advertise having a hoarding board hung over the telephone lines or other utility poles. It however has a very poor ROI worth.

• Digital LED Boards – Being newest in the market, it is the most expensive one. We usually see them at places such as huge malls or airports etc. They consist of large television boards tack together and programmed in order to change and display ads after a determined period of time. These boards can reach a massive crowd and can return your invested money easily.

• LED Signs – The LED signs are also newest in the market and this great way of marketing helps business owners to flash a particular message that is programmed to be displayed through the LED lights on a board. Find out more about LED sign boards in Dubai, here.